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Donations for Flatonia Fire & Rescue

The City of Flatonia accepts donations for the Flatonia Fire & Rescue. Many people choose to have this automatically included in their billing. To begin this contribution, please contact City Hall at 361-865-3548.

In the future it may be possible to pay in a separate transaction on a link from this website. However, there is a convenience fee for the processing.

Thank you for supporting all of our emergency providers.


Online bill pay is finally here! Sign up today by following this link.

In addition to being able to pay your bill online, you can also see your bill as soon as it's available, sign up to get text or email reminders when it's due, past due, or pending cut-off. You can also see your consumption history!

By clicking this link, you will be redirected to our online payment center. The payments are not hosted on our website and are secure. There is a convenience fee associated with payments online, by telephone, and by credit card in person. As always, customers can always opt out of this method of payment and pay by check, cash, or by a scheduled ACH payment by completing this form and submitting to City Hall. Contact City Hall at (361)865-3548 with any questions.

Please be aware that the online bill pay link does not work well with Internet Explorer. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome for best results.

Contact City Hall to set-up ACH payments.
Call City Hall to make a telephone payment.

Payments by POS credit card, cash and checks can be made at City Hall.

After business hours, a dropbox is located next to the front doors. It is best not to drop cash in the dropbox as the City cannot be responsible for theft or loss.

Payments may also be mailed to PO Box 329, Flatonia, TX  78941.

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The City of Flatonia provides the following utilities:

  • Electrical Service
  • Water Service
  • Wastewater Service
  • Garbage Service and Recycling Service - contracted through Texas Disposal Systems

All residential and commercial entities within the Flatonia city limits are required to be connected to City utilities and trash service.  The application for a residential or commercial utility account is available at the main office for the City of Flatonia in City Hall or linked below. 

Utility deposits vary depending on residential vs. commercial.  Please speak to or email Herminia Dale, Utility Billing Secretary, at City Hall (361-865-3548) for details.

New Utility Account Packet

Información del Depósito de Utilidades

Direct Deposit Forms

After initial account set-up, it is important that the customer keep the City informed about any mailing address or contact phone number changes. In the event of an emergency, if the City does not have the correct phone number, the customer may not receive information in a timely way

If the name on the customer account will be changed, a form must be completed and turned in to City Hall.

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Consumption in gallons of water*

  3,000 10,000 25,000
RESIDENTIAL $21.00 $32.30 $56.20
$39.70 $71.20

*These rates are for customers inside the city limits.  For rates outside the city limits, please contact City Hall.
Consumption in gallons of water*

3,000 10,000 25,000
 Residential  $22.00  $39.50  $92.00
 Commercial  $24.00  $41.50  $94.00

*These rates are for customers inside the city limits. For rates outside the city limits, please contact City Hall.

Garbage Rates - Listed in City of Flatonia Code of Ordinances Section A7.000


1 32.64 37.55
2 52.73 60.67
20.01 23.13



52.73 71.10
21.77 29.35

Rear load containers (dumpsters):

2 Cubic yard dumpsters

1 133.31 177.93
2 262.33 314.41
3 395.11 473.23

Extra pickups will be charged at a rate of $79.10 per pickup.

4 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

1 188.96 251.76
2. 345.64 413.94
3 500.72 599.99

Extra pickups will be charged at a rate of $84.75 per pickup.

6 Cubic Yard Dumpster

1 210.58 280.82
2 391.20 468.82
3 571.29 684.30

Extra pickups will be charged at a rate of $90.40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  per pickup.

8 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

1 250.71 333.95
2 463.12 554.77
3 663.17 807.97

Extra pickups will be charged at a rate of $116.59 per pickup.

Other Services: Casters and/or Lockbar - $31.05 per dumpster.

Recycling Rates (pickup every other week)

Listed in City of Flatonia Code of Ordinances Section A7.000, commercial or residential:

26.68 34.57
4 CU. YD.
99.13 131.85
6 CU. YD.
111.33 148.01

The Utility Department holds a City-Wide Cleanup in the fall and spring respectively.  The cleanups allow citizens to bring bulky items for disposal to the central collection location at the City's wastewater treatment plant located at 345 I-10 Frontage Road.

Citizens may also dispose of trees, limbs, brush or other natural grown material for burning on the City's burn pile also located at the waste water treatment plant in coordination with the Utility Crew and City Hall.  Please DO NOT go to the Wastewater Treatment Plant without authorization. Please call or stop by City Hall at 125 E. South Main Street (361-865-3548) to make arrangements. 

The Utility Department no longer maintains a city dump, nor performs any trash or recycling service; this is contracted through Texas Disposal Systems.


Fines for Unpermitted Project…….………….. Fees double   Sec. A4.006(d)

Utility Fees – Listed in City of Flatonia Code of Ordinances Section A7.000

Sewer tap              $1000.00

¾” water tap         $1000.00

1” water tap          $1200.00

Larger than 1” tap…………….…….determined by Utility Dept (Market Cost).

Electric Line Extension…………….determined by Utility Dept.

Cutting street in order to tap………..$200.00.

Boring in order to tap……………….determined by Utility Dept.

Excavation more than six (6) feet..... $200 per foot. (If an outside resource is required, it is at the landowner's expense)

Electric pole & Installation…………determined by Utility Dept. 

Electric Deposit: 

Residential:   $200.00 - Owner occupied     $300.00- Renter   

 Water Deposit:

Residential:    $50.00 - Owner occupied       $75.00 - Renter

**Fee schedule subject to change without notice.

Flatonia has numerous providers that can service your Internet, television and telephone needs. Providers are always being added and this is just a small list.

Some of the local providers include:

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City Logo


City of Flatonia Utility Department

Utilities DirectorJack Pavlas

625 W US Hwy 90, Flatonia, TX 78941


City Hall Utility Office

 Utility Billing Secretary: Herminia Dale

125 E. South Main St


The City of Flatonia has a full-service utility department that builds, maintains and services:

  • the electrical grid;
  • the water and sewer distribution system, three water wells with arsenic filtration and treatment facilities, and the wastewater treatment plant;
  • the roads, alleys, and easements (except State Highway)
  • parks
  • the animal control facility

The Utility Department is led by Director, Jack Pavlas, who supervises seven employees that perform all the functions of the department.  

The Utility Billing Secretary is Herminia Dale. She handles all utility accounts, establishment of new service, discontinuation of service, and changes to service. She may be reached at City Hall, telephone number (361)865-3548 ext. 211.

City Crews at Work

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woman recycling

FAYETTE COUNTY RECYCLING CENTER Flatonia Public Collection Station Location

341 I-10 E Frontage Rd., Flatonia

Tuesdays & Saturdays

7:00AM to 1:00PM

The City of Flatonia does not operate a City dump. City trash pick-up is coordinated through the utility office from a contracted provider. 

Fayette County operates a recycling Center that accepts certain items during their scheduled hours. Please do not dump items during closed hours. Adjacent City property is off limits unless specifically authorized by a City official in charge.

For any questions, please call 979-968-8446.

Accepted items:

  • Newspapers (keep dry), telephone books, magazines
  • Carboard (not wax/plastic treated)
  • Assorted loose papers
  • Clean Plastics (Clear or P.E.T.E, White or H.D.P.E)
    Recycling symbbol
  • Glass (Clear, green or brown) No lightbulbs/lighting fixtures. 
  • Rinsed steel food cans. No aerosol.
  • Aluminum cans. Separate from other cans.
  • Motor Oil/Transmission Fluid (in clean container with tight fitting lid). Do NOT mix with any other fluids!
  • Scrap Metal (wire etc.)
  • Oil Filters ($.50 per filter)
  • Antifreeze (in clean container with tight fitting lid) Do NOT mix with any other fluids!
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners ($25.00 fee to remove freon etc.)
  • Other Appliances
  • Solid Waste
  • County bags are required; no others accepted
  • $3.00 charge for each Fayette County printed bag


City utilities include Water, Wastewater, Electrical, Garbage, and Recycling.

Utility bills are bundled and include all five services whether the customer uses them or not.

The City of Flatonia has made significant improvements in the reliability and affordability of its electric, water, and wastewater infrastructure over the past few years, giving the City capacity to grow.
To connect water, sewer and electrical systems of your structure you must make a deposit for utilities and pay a tap fee (if new installation).  You or your plumber/electrician need to check with the Utility Department to see where the lines need to be run to connect to existing services.  Temporary or construction meters must be requested two weeks prior to project start date to schedule installation.  All fees and deposits MUST be paid prior to any connection. Refer to fee schedule below for current deposits and tapping fees.
The release of temporary utilities for construction purposes will be allowed with a utility deposit; however, this does not authorize occupancy of the building.  Temporary utilities and equipment/appliance checks are not a connect for permanent service and may be disconnected at any time for non-compliance or inspections which do not pass code requirements.
For more information on Flatonia utility services, please contact Herminia Dale at 361-865-3548.

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