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                                                                 Do I need a Building Permit and How Do I Get One?

Short Answer:  Yes, almost every single project inside the City limits requires a building permit.

Permits are Required for the Following:

     1. New Construction - includes anything from a small shed, carport, garage, home, commercial business, etc.  Anything where a builder is erecting a new building where people can go inside requires a permit, and may require multiple permits.

     2. Re-models - includes any add-on, or remove and replacement, of any existing structure or interior that does not exceed 50% of total size or value of the original structure.  If a re-model exceeds 50% of the original structure, it falls under "New Construction."

    3. Demolition - a building permit is required for any demolition of a structure inside the Flatonia City Limits.  This is to ensure that the city utilities either to the demolition site or in the vicinity, are properly secured prior to the demolition itself. 

    4. Roofing - All new or re-roofing projects require a building permit.

    5. Plumbing - Any plumbing work typically requires a building permit.  Removal and replacement of fixtures (toilets, faucets, shower heads, etc.) is an exception to the permit requirement.

    6. Electrical - All electrical work requires a building permit.  Any re-model may require a building permit to upgrade electrical requirements for the new load to the re-model. 

    7. Fencing - Fencing requires a building permit to ensure fence heights and setback distances are in compliance with City Ordinances.

    8. Home Movements - Any home movement, whether a structure, manufactured home, mobile home, modular home, accessory building, etc., requires a movement permit to ensure the route of travel to the site either into or out of the city has the proper clearance from overhead utility lines.

     9. Accessory Buildings - sheds, carports, detached structures, etc., all require a building permit to ensure proper setback distances from lot lines and minimum fire code distances are met between the accessory building and the main structure either on the same property or the neighboring property as well.

    10. Lawn Sprinkler Systems - permit required to test for proper operation of the backflow preventer that ensures contaminants cannot access the city water system from a sprinkler system.

     11. Swimming Pool - permit required for any plumbing and electrical requirements.

Permits are Not Required for the Following:

    1. Paint - either interior or exterior painting does not require a building permit.

    2. Wall Coverings - interior paneling, wall paper, etc.; no permit required.

    3. Flooring - Any floor covering, such as carpet, wood, linoleum, etc., that is not part of the sub-floor does not require a building permit.

    4. Concrete - no permit is required for concrete work to establish slabs, curbs, sidewalks, etc.  Some foundations with concrete may require a building permit; see City Hall for details.

    5. Tree trimming and general yard maintenance.

     6. Backyard playground sets.

     7. Above ground swimming pools.  A permit will be required if the swimming pool has an electrical filtration system requiring connection to the home's electrical system.

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